31 December 2020

Winnow/Vino DLT

24 September 2020

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In August, I had to tell my mother that I might be shapeshifting again. I don’t think she has yet grasped what it means. I do think that she senses the contours of my new shape now, many times.

NEET 2020

Nine lives, 

One incurable disease


Saakadai mele pookadai (Flower shop above a gutter)

As the sanghis who blow any trumpet,

And encroachers who spread any lie for a price,

Alone nurse their greed,

The genderqueer people are crying for their lives,

Like the children who cry for milk.

Experience of bisexuality as a trans man

We need to understand that gender and sexuality are different. Trans men can be attracted toward men and trans women can be attracted to and have relationships with women. Me being attracted to a transmasculine person doesn’t make me less of a man and my sexual orientation does not change my gender identity.


As for androgyny, I no longer think it’s essential to being non-binary.
It is so tiring to see people demand androgyny of non-binary people.
I think they fetishize the ambiguity because it is so foreign to them. The transness, the androgyny, the Other.

A queer headspace

It depicts how a trans individual feels inside their head, their thought processes, their feelings and ambitions to contribute in changing the world, but how all the stares from the society and their rules make them feel so overwhelmed.