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You can send your writing, artwork, audio-visual content, and concept ideas to

For general enquiries, inputs and feedback you can get in touch with us at or at

Given below are some FAQs about our policies and guidelines for submissions.

We follow a minimal intervention editorial policy. As trans people we recognise that our bodies, voices and thoughts have been consistently edited out, contained and erased by the caste cis-tem to suit its requirements. 

As a policy we do not believe in making any external additions or alterations to the work and (apart from one round of proofreading) we will only present the work in the form made available to us by authors. Any queries that arise at the time of proofreading will be communicated to the author and only those changes approved by the author will be carried out. However, once your work has been posted, you are welcome to request any edits that may substantially change the post, and we will add ‘Edit’ disclaimer with a date. You are also welcome to request changes/updates/removal to your image, bio, or links. Please write to us on our email id ( to request these changes.

We also recognise that apart from a small handful most of us have not had the space to fully develop our ideas. Some of us may desire to discuss and take a more collaborative approach towards our writing and art. And for whenever such a request is made, we will be happy to provide a (virtual) space where ideas can be discussed and debated in healthy ways.

We do not support bigoted speech of any form. But we also recognise that for a majority of our community members, a space for learning, unlearning, and genuine conversations has not existed. As a people we are continuously learning how to develop our politics, ideology and language. Therefore, instead of taking an approach of ‘cancelling’ a fellow community member, we would prefer to use our editorial role to take a non-judgmental and conversational approach towards addressing the issue as far as possible. 

In short, we will be trying to practice an editorial position that is not directive and interventionist, but more supportive and mutually educative.

The copyright of all original work featured on will be retained by the original authors/creators.

In case any piece published on is being re-published on another platform please remember to credit, in recognition of our work, as the first space of publication. Similarly, when quoting others (inspirations, ideas or influences) in your work posted on, please make sure to cite your source(s) as accurately as possible.

Copy-left: If you wish to publish under copy-left, that can be mentioned specifically alongside your work.

Any and all commissioned work (including logos, illustrations, website design and maintenance) done for building the magazine will be reimbursed and copyright retained with

Community for us is made up of all trans, intersex and non-binary persons. We will not go into ‘defining’ and ‘redefining’ what all these identities are, as we believe in the politics of self-determination. At the same time, we are also aware that there are multiple hierarchies within the trans communities, and we would urge the members to be critically aware of these and if you are someone who has, due to your own privileges, developed a space of your own then please do be mindful of passing the mic internally and consider doing the support work required with us to make this happen. 

A question closely related to community is that of allies. We consider Dalit Bahujan cisgender persons as our only true allies – as recorded in the short history of our movements. Therefore, we will always welcome ideological interventions, feedback and any critical interrogations into this space with the utmost regard. We acknowledge that at least some parts of the trans identities and movements are still caught up within a savarna feminist and liberal rhetoric, as the hold that the latter has exercised on gender discourses and gender rights networks, is overwhelming to say the least, and we hope this space can work towards challenging that.

Unless savarna cis feminists and gender rights activists are writing to apologise, make a donation or volunteer support, for the historical erasure and harm caused to the lives and identities of trans people, we will be unable to entertain any entries from you! Feel free to browse, though. 🙂 

Literally anything. We do not wish to limit the creative and political expressions of members of our community to any unidimensional narrative surrounding gender identity. This is a space for healing, as much as it is for learning. We want this to be a space that affirms the possibility of writing not only about gender identity, but also about making critical and creative interventions on all matters pertaining to the society we live in. You can write and create art, music and videos, about anything from law, politics, work, labour, relationships, culture, literature, science and technology, medicine, mental health, art, (trans) histories and so on, or build knowledge from your own experiences. 

We don’t have any limitations on form, and welcome long form, poetry, prose, and fiction, research articles and so on. As we are still building the website, we are working out the technical requirements for hosting audio – visual material and should be able to provide exact format details in some time.  

At present we are only able to feature written work in English. But audio – visual material is welcome in all languages, and we could collaborate to ensure that it is subtitled in English at the earliest. 

We are working towards making the site multilingual, so please bear with us on that.

Whatever is the form you choose, please try to provide us with the following:

  1. A title
  2. Any abstract or description that you would like to add (in case of an artwork or video, or an image that you would want to feature with your written work)
  3. Any notes or references; and acknowledgments of others who may have contributed (if required)
  4. Name
  5. Bio
  6. A photo or avatar that you would like to add to your profile on the site
  7. Your social media account handles and email id, if you’d like us to link them to your posts and/or your author profile on (these will be visible to whoever visits the site)

Note: a) Please ensure that the images you provide are original, or appropriately sourced/credited.
b) Publishing your Name, Bio and Photo is optional and you are welcome to let us know if you would like to publish something anonymously. The information you provide will be kept confidential.