T for therapist and top surgery

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This is a three-slide art piece created by Vai. The description of each slide is given below.

The first slide is a black background with the following text in red: “CW: breasts, gender dysphoria, fatphobia, invalidation by a psychiatrist, mention of top surgery”.

On the second slide a bicycle is drawn against a white backdrop. The bicycle is a little towards the left of the sheet and a portion of the wheel on the left is cut (to give a sense of motion). The wheels of the cycle are in the shape of discs, without spokes. Each wheel is filled brown with the centre coloured a darker brown, to resemble mammary glands on a human chest. The wheels are aligned to be at the same height and their shadows form beneath them.

The third slide is once again a black background with the following text in white: “This is a product of a conversation that I had with my doctor about the feeling of discomfort with my chest. When I told her about my worry, she began to connect my gender identity issues to my weight issues. She told me to lose weight instead of thinking of top surgery. This made me upset.” The text slide is signed at the bottom right “vai”.


Vai is a digital media arts student who also likes to play with different mediums of art. His love for doggos and McDonalds is very extreme. He also drools a lot.